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Legalhelp.pk provides online services. We provide a marketplace for consumer and lawyer from various law firms across the region. Basically, we are not a law firm, and we neither give legal advice nor provide legal services. In this platform all services provided by the qualified and authorized participating lawyers.

Our wide range of expertise ensures that we can support our clients in all their professional and personal needs. Clients directly communicate with the lawyers and freely discuss the issues that they have. Lawyers & the legal consultants are a leader in their field and the practice areas are highly ranked by the legal directories in Pakistan.

Expert lawyers

In this website, every lawyer has a lot of expertise on this work. These lawyers are highly experienced. They assist our clients in a very good manner in every disputes or issue. We offer each service with the perfection and accuracy in all areas of the law.

Our website has a professional staff that serves the customer for more than 10 years. And provide the services of Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration services as well as more other legal services. We offer all services under one platform for our client’s satisfaction and solving their disputes minimum time. As a result, our client spread the good word for us and bringing new clients.

Our platform provider-specific features and supports the set of features.

• Multilingual support

• Anonymity for consumers

• Lawyers licensing checks

• The two-level attorneys control system

• Multiple channels for lawyer-consumer communication

• Support for remote rendering of legal services

• The local legal knowledge base

Consumers get bilingual access to:

A unique lawyer’s directory, which simplifies contracting local law firms comparing lawyers:
Free initial advice and assistance from the lawyer through public live chat, question/answers, and callback requests;
Fixed free legal services giving by participating lawyers and available for purchase online: legal documents drafting and review, legal advice, lots of business information and much more.
And all round legal information, including law database, articles of the legal blog, legal dictionary and answers of the lawyers questions.

For participating lawyers and law firms in legal Advice in legal help:

This site provides effective online promotion and also lead generation.
E-commerce for selling legal services online;
Knowledge base..

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9 Sep 2020

Legal ME platform is very innovative way to provide, otherwise very expensive legal services, at affordable price.


30 Aug 2020

Outstanding. Wouldn’t hesitate using again is required

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