How it works

Legal help offers you a range of fixed-fee services provided by the participating Pakistani lawyers. There is no hidden fee the prices you see is the final price

When you buy a service, we hold the money and release it to the attorney when the service is provided. For your insurance that you will get the service you purchased. Otherwise, you will receive your money back.

How to hire a lawyer?

You can hire a lawyer online according to the services through a few simple steps:

Select the services and the lawyer providing it.
When you hire a lawyer, first check the profile of the lawyer to make sure he or she is the right person and fit for you. On the lawyer’s profile, you can find the activity rating of the lawyer, practice area, information about the education and experiences or expertise’s so that you get a better idea about the lawyer that you hire for your case.

Provide your lawyer with the necessary information.
You need to provide you information like name, contact number and any documents related to the case. And you can leave a comment for the lawyer if needed. Your information is confidential and just shared only your lawyer that you hire for your legal case.

Pay for the services by credit or debit card.
We do not collect card number or any other sensitive information. Just MasterCard and

Visa card is accepted.

Confirm your order by uploading your ID.
To give the purchased legal services to you, the lawyer needs to check your identity and information to avoid any conflicts of interest. Therefore to confirm your order, we need a copy of your ID. It may be your national id, passport or any other personal document that confirm your identity.

Client testimonials


9 Sep 2020

Legal ME platform is very innovative way to provide, otherwise very expensive legal services, at affordable price.


30 Aug 2020

Outstanding. Wouldn’t hesitate using again is required

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