The Parliament House will remain closed from Dec 13 to Dec 20 in connection with a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) being held on Dec 18 and 19.

The meeting of foreign ministers from the OIC is being held in Pakistan after 41 years and in this regard, all activities at the Parliament House have been suspended. The session of parliament that was supposed to take up the mini-budget has been postponed as well.

The government was all set to present its mini-budget, involving fiscal adjustments and expenditure cuts worth about Rs600 billion as part of an understanding with the IMF, in the lower house of parliament on Monday (tomorrow).

In addition, the employees of the National Assembly Secretariat have been sent on leave for an entire week except for the ones who have been assigned duties for the session.

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This remaining staff can be called to the office on an hour’s notice and are therefore required to respond to phone calls and not leave the station without prior permission, the notification added.

OIC moot

The purpose of this meeting has been set as finding a solution to Afghanistan’s problems, and to provide relief during the war-torn country’s current economic crisis.

All Islamic countries have been invited to attend the extraordinary session. Permanent members of the Security Council, European Union, United Nations and its aid agencies have also been invited to attend the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting.

Diplomatic sources said OIC foreign ministers are also inviting some important countries, especially Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia, as well as the World Bank and other international financial institutions.

A high-level delegation from Afghanistan will also visit Pakistan to attend the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting.