is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.

 It is an online legal service marketing place where connecting consumers and attorneys with different law firms across the region. Our online marketing brings together clients and attorneys from across the region and the quickest and affordable legal assistance across Pakistan.

A business is recognized by the stability and dependability of the services that we provide to the clients. This is the only platform that serves both the parties. We work like a mediator that communicates both the parties with each other. The client registers itself in this website and then communicates online with the attorneys about the case and legal issues. And on the other hand, the lawyers also register on this website and take cases.

Legal help proudly provides the services to its client all our Pakistan. Our website provides highly qualified and professional lawyers. They resolve your problems and give you legal advice and also update you about your case and you in touch at any time. These lawyers are very challenging and hardworking and very honest to their clients

The services that we provide:

  • Normal Accounts Collection
  • Stock/Default Accounts Collection
  • Dispute Amounts Collection
  • Criminal Case
  • To file a Civil Case
  • Unpaid Salaries
  • Drafting of Credit Facility Letter
  • Insurance Collection
  • Construction and Maintenance Debts
  • Mortgage Payment Collections
  • Real Estate/ Installment Collection
  • Trade Debts
  • Travel Debts
  • Health Care Debts/ Legal issues
  • Medical Debt Collection Services
  • Telecom
  • Credit Card Debt        
  • Banks Collection
  • Financial Settlements between Creditor and Debtor