Hyderabad is an ideal hub for small and medium enterprises and there is a need to take maximum advantage for promotion of business activities, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) Consultant Zafar Ahmed Siddiqui. Being a residential, industrial and agriculture city near Karachi, the business community of Hyderabad can enhance its activities by taking advantage of seven routes that are leading to other cities of the country, he said.

He made these remarks while addressing a consultative session at the Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry (HCSTSI) on Saturday under the National Business Development Programme of SMEDA. Siddiqui urged the investors and industrialists to pour money in Hyderabad in the fields of real estate, transportation, industries, agriculture, livestock, minerals, handcraft development and tourism. “Businessmen of this city have great potential and they possess 60 years of experience of operating small and medium enterprises,” he said.

“With little attention, they can enhance their businesses in other cities of the country as well.” While appreciating the role and importance of Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry, he informed the participants that the Ministry of Information and Technology had decided to give representation to HCSTSI in universities of Hyderabad.

While holding one-to-one sessions with businessmen, Siddiqui guided them to resolve their issues and improve business with the support of value added, monitoring and online facilities. On the occasion, HCSTSI President Muhammad Altaf Memon appreciated the efforts of SMEDA for organising one-to-one consultative session for business community. He added that that it will help the businessmen learn new techniques for bringing improvement in their business.